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Saturday, December 19, 2009

MAC/Shu Uemura/Bobbi Brown Haul

Wow.. this post was actually drafted in June! OMG .... Blogging is not easy man. I actually prefer reading posts. Mainly because I feel like I'm talking to me, myself and Mandy (haha)

Anyways, you might recognize the packing on these. The left one is from the Style Warrior collection, e/s in "Vibrant Grape" and the one on the right is from the Neo Sci Fi Collection, e/s in " Expensive Pink".

I almost never buy stuff when the collection comes out bc I'm way too cheap to pay full price. Vibrant Grape was a present from a friend ( thanks Ashley ! ) and I bought Expensive Pink in my CCO.

Oh yes and this is my first Bobbi Brown e/s in "Mint" it's a nice pale green color. I always thought green looks great on Asain eyes... hmm but I guess I was wrong..,. bc this green looked yucky on me! blah.. who wanna swap for this?

My first Shu Uemura e/s in Blue 660. haha how original it's just called Blue. Very pretty blue might I add with teeny tiny gold-ish specks. Very pigmented and the staying power is amazing!
Swatches! Blue, Mink, Vibrant Grape and Expensive Pink Until next time!

D&G : Goodness

I'm sure a lot of you know about! I referred some of my friends to the site and 3 of em' bought something! I get 25 bucks for each friend that buys something! yup yup I got $75 credit for the referrals!! I'm kinda broke so I've been looking for stuff on the site that is around the $75 - $100 range. So the max I would have to pay was $25. This charm bracelet was perfect. It really reminded me of Paris. I loved Paris. Who wants to go back?

They are actually individual charms so I can take em' off and hang it on other pieces I have.
BOOO, I didn't realized the clasp of the bracelet is cut off! it's the prettiest clasp it's heart shape with D&G embossed on it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

E.L.F cosmetics in Target!

I just received an email from E.L.F cosmetics that they are now available at Target! This is super exciting! I personally do not live close by a Target but please let me know if you are seeing it in your Target!

E.L.F. cosmetics, is an awesome brand that offers very very extremely affordable makeup products. I personally ordered from them about three times and all three times I spend over $75 for the free shipping.

** I will try to list all the products I own from them soon.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Urban Decay: Foreshadow Palette Review.

Let's see. 30% off? Friends and Family?! Hello, I'm there. You know you will eventually get them anyways. Why not get it when it's on sale?

This was on sale for $13.99 plus I got the 30 % off

~Oil Slick~Stray Dog~Midnight Cowboy~Flipside
Also comes with a brush

Packaging: (Boo. I forgot to take a photo of the front cover ) It's purple and silver. If you know their Deluxe Shadow Box, it's the same exactly packaging except smaller. Not too crazy about the car board. I got some eyeshadow on the sides and it won't come off!

The brush: It's definately more on the stiff side but it's not scratchy or anything. It actually pack on the color pretty well.

Color description:

Oil Slick: It's black shadow with silver glitters, call me crazy but I think I see a hint of purple glitters. It's not too glittery so you can use it on an everyday basis.

Stray Dog: OoOo I L.O.V. this color it's taupy-ish and it's super soft. I use this all over the lid and use Oil Slick on the outter corners.

Midnight Cowboy: Ehh, this I don't like too much. It's way too glittery. It's definatly more glittery then Oil Slick. Too glittery to wear everyday.

Flipside: It's definately not GREEN green it's more turquisish. It's a nice satin color.

What do I actually use?

As mentioned before, I just use Stray Dog all over the lid and use Oil Slick on the outer corners. I've done this look a few times. Quick and easy.

That's all I have to say. These are my first Urban Decay eyeshadows I'm not too crazy about it but I'm not disappointed either. It's a good buy if you took advantage of the Friends and Family.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

MAC: Hello Kitty update!

Hello everyone!!

Ever since Mac came out with the Hello Kitty Collection I've been looking all over for it. I wasn't that into makeup when it came out so I DIDN'T KNOW! =( any who, I already have a couple of things from that collections but I was able to find a few more! I'm still looking for the Tippy blush. It's so sad no one have it anymore. In June Purzepurse had a giveaway. I thought maybe, just maybe I would win. haha of course I didn't but it's ok.

Here are the swatches.

This is the Hello Kitty: Lucky Tom quad. Isn't it cute? the whole packaging is metal. All the colors looks really good on except the purple one. It's not pigmented at all! Maybe I'm not applying it correctly?

Here's Sweet Strawberry. I didn't really know which lipglass I wanted to get. I basically ask every Mac counter I know of if they have anymore Hello Kitty stuff. At the Macy's in BK they only had the Sweet Strawberry one. I tried it on and I loved it !

I bought Popster first and I really liked it. Than everyone was talking about Pink Fish! I'm like, "shoot, did I totally get the wrong color?" I jumped to the chance to get this when it was available. I got it and love it ..haha I used it straight for weeks and then thought what happens when I'm done with it?? must find another one.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Victoria's Secret Haul/ Drug store eyeliner review

Hello everyone!

Everything was 75% off =) Here's a few things I picked up!

-Beauty Rush: Sparkling shadows.

From L to R : Deja Blue, Twinkled Pink, Goldbinger

-Beauty Rush: Cream Shadows.

From L to R : What a Blush, Going Green, True Blue, Glampagne

Top Row: Deja Blue, Twinkled Pink, Golddinger
Bottom Row: What a Blush, Going Green, True Blue, Glampagne

What do I think? I don't really care for the Sparkling Shadows. Especially the lighter colors. Um cause they just look the same! eh I hate it. BUT I really like the cream shadows. It so long lasting, I mostly use this as a base. These four colors are the only ones they had. Pualaha I'm glad I got em'.

** Oh here's something extra.
Some HIGHER END EYE LINER and DRUG STORE EYE LINER I picked up over a period of time.
Sorry I didn't take pictures on the drug store items. =(

From Top to Bottom: Orpheus (MAC), Aqua Sequin (Victoria's Secret), Confidence Noir (Lancome), Irreverent Brun (Lancome) and Blanc Audacity (Lancome)

Get a better look by clicking on the picture.
Here are the swatches, on the LEFT from Top to Bottom in the same order. I haven't use these too much. I heard that MAC is good for the water line and it does go on smoothly but it smudges on me =( What am I doing wrong!? The Lancome pencils are good. I really don't have anything to compare them to. They don't smudge as much as the MAC. As for the blue Victoria's Secret eye liner. I have yet to find an occasion for that color.

These are all liquid eye liners that I really like.
From Top to Bottom: Revlon Color Stay in Blackest Black, L'oreal Carbon Black, Wet n' Wild in 861 (black), 863 (green) and 864 (purple).

I've been using L'oreal for the longest time, it's the one that looks a little wet. The other two black liner is really matte. For the price, Wet n' Wild liners are really good. I will definitely purchase them again. For the price, I don't think I'll get the Revlon again. It's a good liner but I like the wet/glossy look of L'oreal more and if I want a matte liner the Wet n' Wild works great!

I do have monolids and for those of you that have monolids you know how hard it is to find an eye liner that doesn't smudge. With the other eye liners I have tried, every time I smile or laugh, my eye liner from the top lid will transfer to the bottom and vice a versa. But the L'oreal pretty much stay put. Sometimes if I'm going out I might have to retouch.

**Edit (7/5/09):

I wanted to include other Victoria's secret items I got from the sale a couple of months ago.

Da ta: On the right is Lose Control and on the left is Vice.
As you can see Lose Control have golden glitters on it (enlarge it, you will see the glitters). It is really glittery I wouln't use it for a day look. As for Vice, it's just a matte bluish purple color. The color payoff is not bad. I would buy these again. =) Thanks to my brother's diesel SLR. On my computer, theses colors are pretty close to the real thing!
Okay that's all!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fragrance Haul

Yippie!! snatched the D&G light blue. Everyone and their mommy have this but I don't care I love it! This is my second bottle.

I actually bought this for a friend's Birthday in January. I've been thinking about getting one for myself for a while... hehe...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Now this is more like a rainbow ice

But I still don't see Roy G Biv

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MAC: Hello Kitty

Hello everyone! I actually bought these like a month ago but didn't get to share it until now!!

Of course of course the package is super cute!

I got the Tahitian Sand beauty powder. Now what IS a beauty powder anyways?? well, I didn't know so I asked the MAC counter lady and she said it's good for everything! as an all over face powder, bronzing, or even blush. She also mentioned that MAC used this during the shows in NYC fashion week! Must be beautiful on. I haven't used it yet because I can't want the Kitty emboss to go away. =(

This one is such a nice cream pink color.

OH I also got the very popular MYTH nude lipstick from MAC. First MAC lipsticks! woohoo.
I went with two friends to get this. They think it odd that I wanted to pay money to make myself look dead.. haha I don't think they will ever understand.

I still have my eyes on some Hello Kitty stuff but I have to control myself.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rainbow Italian ice

How is this rainbow?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

MAC brush cleaner and Fix +

Hello everyone! I almost forgot to blog about this! I recently bought my very first (and second =X ) MAC brushes.What was I thinking!? bc they were a whole lot of money!! but anywho I wanted to buy a brush cleaner to keep em' clean so they'll last longer. Honestly, this stuff is pretty amazing. I cleaned all of my brushes with this and I can see all the "stuff" come off on the bounty! It's so easy and fast. You just have to ignore what the bottle says. I asked the rep at the MAC counter and they told me to just put a little bit on a towel ( I use bounty ) and just gently sweep your brush over it just like you are wiping something off.

TRY IT! it's pretty good. I think it's $17.

Along with the brush cleaner I also bought Fix + I hear a lot of good things about it. So why not right?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My first MAC brushes

I knew a friend that had "connection" ( thanks Funda! ) and was able to get me my first Mac brushes! with a discount. Whooo Hoo!! Of course everyone talks about these two brushes.

Top: 187 stippling brush
Bottom: 224 blending brush

now do I kind em'?

Yes, haha mostly I'm just admiring it. I tested the stippling brush with my new Georgio Amarni foundation and it works really well. I like the blending brush too but I wonder if it's too big. I'm Asian and I have mono lids. So my eyelid space is pretty small. I really like the ELF blending brush but it's a little stiff, like the brissels are too short. I need to find a size between the ELF blending brush and the Mac 224. Any ideas?

I really have to give the 224 some more play time.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

L'oreal Sale!

=) This is for Kitty In Da City, my first comment from a stranger!

Yes, I went a little bit out of control. But I was thinking long term. I got stuff that I always need, stuff for mother's day, birthdays and even Christmas! Here goes:

From VICHY, I got two eye cream ( one for my mom ), Skin Concealer and a pore tightening cream.

From La Roche Posay, the Pure enzyme mask, Georgio Armani Hydra Glow Foundation. I actually went back to get a back up for this. My mom said it made me glow!

From Kiehl's, I heard good things about them so I wanted to take advantage of the sale.
From the left: for face and body SPF 20, Everyday facial moisturaing sunscreen cream, French Rose and Lavendar hand/body lotion, Tea tree toner, Fresh Gardenia. and the non soap cleansing bar. I got several of the scented lotion for presents.

I also got several of these for my friends as gifts.

This one is just for me! =) oh wait I got several bottle of Ralph Lauren Romance for men ( presents )I just got into Makeup about a year ago and don't really have a lot of nice make up but I do now!Haha. I really do have enough now. These are Lancome waterproof eye liners.

I think that's it.