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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Everyday Mineral Review

A few weeks ago I received my sample of Everyday Mineral ( check out that blog for pics ), They do have a lot of shades and it honestly took me a long time pick what I wanted in my sample kit. Just take a few minutes and read the descriptions. I think it really helped me. Two out of three shades were perfect for me.

- Buttered Tan ( intensive base )
- Winged Butter ( semi matte base )
These two shades together were perfect for me. Love it.
- Medium Beige Neutral ( semi matte base ), Eh this is okay.
- Multi-tasking ( concealer ). Honestly it did nothing for me.

I've been using this for 3 and half weeks and I love it! I use it everyday and the sample container still looks really full. I would definitely order the Flat Top Brush to apply the foundation.

As for the two blush,
I love em too. If I you can only order one. I would recommend Summer Stroll.

-Salon fun, it's purple! but I think it applies like bronzer. Made me look a little tan.
-Summer stroll, tangerine-ish with a little be of a sheen.

I was looking for a dup for Shiseido's "Tangerine Margarine" which they discontinued. Pretty sad. This is pretty close. It even closer when I use it on top of MAC Joyous.

I will most likely order the full size.

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