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Monday, April 6, 2009

Everyday Mineral

Yeah!! I finally received my order of Everyday Mineral. My boyfriend recently moved to a building with a door man so I figured I can just ship it to his place. Great idea right?? wrong.... I put down the wrong address and the shipment was return to the company and I'm out $3.68 for shipping and handling. Anyways, after all of that I reordered and received my order on Saturday!

They have a free sample kit that you can order, all you have to do is pay for shipping. Not bad right? They have a HUGE selection of shades (43) the sample kit is suppose to help you pick the color best for you.

Here is what you get in the sample kit:

The website will ask you to choose 3 different foundations, a concealer and a blush.
Blush was a recommendation from a Youtube Makeup Guru (YMG), in Summer Roll.

Since I'm paying for shipping already. I bought two more items =/ . What's pretty cool about the company is that, you can buy sample sizes for $2.50.

I got the
- Black eyeliner (right), it's kinda different since it's a powder. I haven't tried it yet.
- Another blush, in Salon Fun (left), a YMG recommendation.
- and Flat Top Brush also a YMG recommendation.

I used the foundations and the blush today. I must say it's not bad but I'll have to see in maybe about a week.

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