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Friday, May 1, 2009

Yay! to Macy's friends and family!!

I really didn't want to buy this but it was calling my NAME. I was just keeping my mom company while she shops at the Coach counter at Macy's. While my mom was looking at the sale glass case I just pointed to this lonely gray and PINK wallet. I knew it was probably too expensive ( kinda poor lately ). Oh was I wrong!! the sales girl came back wide eyed and said IT'S ONLY $ 50.39 INCLUDING TAX!. She was as shocked as I was.
I saved a total of $ 201.50!! above picture without flash and below picture with flash.

Cute PINK leather. Lots of different compartments inside.

haha don't hate! J/k I'm just saying it's always good to keep your eyes open for special deals.

I recently had a conversation with my bf about me feeling really spoiled. We both agreed that you just need to be grateful and I am very grateful. I love to shop (a lot) so I always, always shop at the sales rack because I need my $$ to go a long way. I know I'm still spoiled but I'm grateful, very grateful.

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