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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MAC: Hello Kitty

Hello everyone! I actually bought these like a month ago but didn't get to share it until now!!

Of course of course the package is super cute!

I got the Tahitian Sand beauty powder. Now what IS a beauty powder anyways?? well, I didn't know so I asked the MAC counter lady and she said it's good for everything! as an all over face powder, bronzing, or even blush. She also mentioned that MAC used this during the shows in NYC fashion week! Must be beautiful on. I haven't used it yet because I can't want the Kitty emboss to go away. =(

This one is such a nice cream pink color.

OH I also got the very popular MYTH nude lipstick from MAC. First MAC lipsticks! woohoo.
I went with two friends to get this. They think it odd that I wanted to pay money to make myself look dead.. haha I don't think they will ever understand.

I still have my eyes on some Hello Kitty stuff but I have to control myself.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rainbow Italian ice

How is this rainbow?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

MAC brush cleaner and Fix +

Hello everyone! I almost forgot to blog about this! I recently bought my very first (and second =X ) MAC brushes.What was I thinking!? bc they were a whole lot of money!! but anywho I wanted to buy a brush cleaner to keep em' clean so they'll last longer. Honestly, this stuff is pretty amazing. I cleaned all of my brushes with this and I can see all the "stuff" come off on the bounty! It's so easy and fast. You just have to ignore what the bottle says. I asked the rep at the MAC counter and they told me to just put a little bit on a towel ( I use bounty ) and just gently sweep your brush over it just like you are wiping something off.

TRY IT! it's pretty good. I think it's $17.

Along with the brush cleaner I also bought Fix + I hear a lot of good things about it. So why not right?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My first MAC brushes

I knew a friend that had "connection" ( thanks Funda! ) and was able to get me my first Mac brushes! with a discount. Whooo Hoo!! Of course everyone talks about these two brushes.

Top: 187 stippling brush
Bottom: 224 blending brush

now do I kind em'?

Yes, haha mostly I'm just admiring it. I tested the stippling brush with my new Georgio Amarni foundation and it works really well. I like the blending brush too but I wonder if it's too big. I'm Asian and I have mono lids. So my eyelid space is pretty small. I really like the ELF blending brush but it's a little stiff, like the brissels are too short. I need to find a size between the ELF blending brush and the Mac 224. Any ideas?

I really have to give the 224 some more play time.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

L'oreal Sale!

=) This is for Kitty In Da City, my first comment from a stranger!

Yes, I went a little bit out of control. But I was thinking long term. I got stuff that I always need, stuff for mother's day, birthdays and even Christmas! Here goes:

From VICHY, I got two eye cream ( one for my mom ), Skin Concealer and a pore tightening cream.

From La Roche Posay, the Pure enzyme mask, Georgio Armani Hydra Glow Foundation. I actually went back to get a back up for this. My mom said it made me glow!

From Kiehl's, I heard good things about them so I wanted to take advantage of the sale.
From the left: for face and body SPF 20, Everyday facial moisturaing sunscreen cream, French Rose and Lavendar hand/body lotion, Tea tree toner, Fresh Gardenia. and the non soap cleansing bar. I got several of the scented lotion for presents.

I also got several of these for my friends as gifts.

This one is just for me! =) oh wait I got several bottle of Ralph Lauren Romance for men ( presents )I just got into Makeup about a year ago and don't really have a lot of nice make up but I do now!Haha. I really do have enough now. These are Lancome waterproof eye liners.

I think that's it.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ruelala haul

Hi there! remember the broken Charles David bag? gave me a credit for their website and I finally found something that I liked! All the following items are from Honora.

Beautiful flower pearl sterling sliver ring. It looked gigantic on the website but I'm glad it's not that big.

Three strand pearls with sterling silver. Perfect for mother's day!

I had just enough credit to purchase this watch. Summer is around the corner. =)

If you are not on you should go check it out! let me know if anyone need an invite.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Yay! to Macy's friends and family!!

I really didn't want to buy this but it was calling my NAME. I was just keeping my mom company while she shops at the Coach counter at Macy's. While my mom was looking at the sale glass case I just pointed to this lonely gray and PINK wallet. I knew it was probably too expensive ( kinda poor lately ). Oh was I wrong!! the sales girl came back wide eyed and said IT'S ONLY $ 50.39 INCLUDING TAX!. She was as shocked as I was.
I saved a total of $ 201.50!! above picture without flash and below picture with flash.

Cute PINK leather. Lots of different compartments inside.

haha don't hate! J/k I'm just saying it's always good to keep your eyes open for special deals.

I recently had a conversation with my bf about me feeling really spoiled. We both agreed that you just need to be grateful and I am very grateful. I love to shop (a lot) so I always, always shop at the sales rack because I need my $$ to go a long way. I know I'm still spoiled but I'm grateful, very grateful.