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Sunday, May 10, 2009

L'oreal Sale!

=) This is for Kitty In Da City, my first comment from a stranger!

Yes, I went a little bit out of control. But I was thinking long term. I got stuff that I always need, stuff for mother's day, birthdays and even Christmas! Here goes:

From VICHY, I got two eye cream ( one for my mom ), Skin Concealer and a pore tightening cream.

From La Roche Posay, the Pure enzyme mask, Georgio Armani Hydra Glow Foundation. I actually went back to get a back up for this. My mom said it made me glow!

From Kiehl's, I heard good things about them so I wanted to take advantage of the sale.
From the left: for face and body SPF 20, Everyday facial moisturaing sunscreen cream, French Rose and Lavendar hand/body lotion, Tea tree toner, Fresh Gardenia. and the non soap cleansing bar. I got several of the scented lotion for presents.

I also got several of these for my friends as gifts.

This one is just for me! =) oh wait I got several bottle of Ralph Lauren Romance for men ( presents )I just got into Makeup about a year ago and don't really have a lot of nice make up but I do now!Haha. I really do have enough now. These are Lancome waterproof eye liners.

I think that's it.


  1. thanks for the post! u definitely got alot more than i did. i didn't know anything about vichy or la roche so i didn't get anything from their line... just stocked up on kiehls... wish i got more!

  2. Thanks for the presents! Next one, I am coming with you...