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Thursday, May 21, 2009

MAC brush cleaner and Fix +

Hello everyone! I almost forgot to blog about this! I recently bought my very first (and second =X ) MAC brushes.What was I thinking!? bc they were a whole lot of money!! but anywho I wanted to buy a brush cleaner to keep em' clean so they'll last longer. Honestly, this stuff is pretty amazing. I cleaned all of my brushes with this and I can see all the "stuff" come off on the bounty! It's so easy and fast. You just have to ignore what the bottle says. I asked the rep at the MAC counter and they told me to just put a little bit on a towel ( I use bounty ) and just gently sweep your brush over it just like you are wiping something off.

TRY IT! it's pretty good. I think it's $17.

Along with the brush cleaner I also bought Fix + I hear a lot of good things about it. So why not right?

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