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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MAC: Hello Kitty

Hello everyone! I actually bought these like a month ago but didn't get to share it until now!!

Of course of course the package is super cute!

I got the Tahitian Sand beauty powder. Now what IS a beauty powder anyways?? well, I didn't know so I asked the MAC counter lady and she said it's good for everything! as an all over face powder, bronzing, or even blush. She also mentioned that MAC used this during the shows in NYC fashion week! Must be beautiful on. I haven't used it yet because I can't want the Kitty emboss to go away. =(

This one is such a nice cream pink color.

OH I also got the very popular MYTH nude lipstick from MAC. First MAC lipsticks! woohoo.
I went with two friends to get this. They think it odd that I wanted to pay money to make myself look dead.. haha I don't think they will ever understand.

I still have my eyes on some Hello Kitty stuff but I have to control myself.

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