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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My first MAC brushes

I knew a friend that had "connection" ( thanks Funda! ) and was able to get me my first Mac brushes! with a discount. Whooo Hoo!! Of course everyone talks about these two brushes.

Top: 187 stippling brush
Bottom: 224 blending brush

now do I kind em'?

Yes, haha mostly I'm just admiring it. I tested the stippling brush with my new Georgio Amarni foundation and it works really well. I like the blending brush too but I wonder if it's too big. I'm Asian and I have mono lids. So my eyelid space is pretty small. I really like the ELF blending brush but it's a little stiff, like the brissels are too short. I need to find a size between the ELF blending brush and the Mac 224. Any ideas?

I really have to give the 224 some more play time.

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  1. none of those numbers make any sense to me! tell eddie he should make a lcd blog...