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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Review: Beauty of Essence

Holla! brush brush brush!! heard lots and lots of stuff about the CVS beauty of Essence brushes! I've been waiting for a sale and finally they had buy one get one half off ( I couldn't wait for the BOGO ). I got the double ended brushes and the travel set.

They are super soft, who wants to use a prickly brush right?

I use the Foundation & Conceal brush (middle) the most. I use the bigger end for highlights on the checks. I used it for foundation but I noticed that I had to use a lot more product with this brush compare to the 187. So I'm sticking to the 187! the conceal end is good for (duh) concealing. Did I already mention that it's REALLY soft?

The Blending & Eye Shadow brush (top) They are kinda big? so I can't really use neither end to apply color. You can't see it in the picture but one end is a "flat" top. I don't see how that is good for blending. I don't this use much but it is really soft.

Blush & Powder brush (bottom), I don't really own an angle blush brush, so this is nice. The other end is kinda small. I can't really use this to apply blush but used it to just touch up spot where I think I should have more color.

The Travel Set! Don't they look like the Bobbi Brown brush set?
(right to left)
Powder, Blush, Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, smudge and Concealer brush.

These are really tiny. The powder brush is more like a blush brush and I can only use the blush brush to maybe highlighting my cheeks. The eyeshadow brush is similar to the double ended concealer brush but just less poofy, like it's flatter (I like this one more). ekk I haven't tried the eyeliner brush yet. I actually use a lip liner brush for my eyeliner =/ it works great for me. Eh I haven't tried the smudge brush either. The concealer brush is also similar to the double ended brush. It's just a little bit flatter.

Edit: I currently use the blush brush ( second from left ) for the Stila convertible colors. I carry it in my purse. LOVE it.

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