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Monday, June 29, 2009

Victoria's Secret Haul/ Drug store eyeliner review

Hello everyone!

Everything was 75% off =) Here's a few things I picked up!

-Beauty Rush: Sparkling shadows.

From L to R : Deja Blue, Twinkled Pink, Goldbinger

-Beauty Rush: Cream Shadows.

From L to R : What a Blush, Going Green, True Blue, Glampagne

Top Row: Deja Blue, Twinkled Pink, Golddinger
Bottom Row: What a Blush, Going Green, True Blue, Glampagne

What do I think? I don't really care for the Sparkling Shadows. Especially the lighter colors. Um cause they just look the same! eh I hate it. BUT I really like the cream shadows. It so long lasting, I mostly use this as a base. These four colors are the only ones they had. Pualaha I'm glad I got em'.

** Oh here's something extra.
Some HIGHER END EYE LINER and DRUG STORE EYE LINER I picked up over a period of time.
Sorry I didn't take pictures on the drug store items. =(

From Top to Bottom: Orpheus (MAC), Aqua Sequin (Victoria's Secret), Confidence Noir (Lancome), Irreverent Brun (Lancome) and Blanc Audacity (Lancome)

Get a better look by clicking on the picture.
Here are the swatches, on the LEFT from Top to Bottom in the same order. I haven't use these too much. I heard that MAC is good for the water line and it does go on smoothly but it smudges on me =( What am I doing wrong!? The Lancome pencils are good. I really don't have anything to compare them to. They don't smudge as much as the MAC. As for the blue Victoria's Secret eye liner. I have yet to find an occasion for that color.

These are all liquid eye liners that I really like.
From Top to Bottom: Revlon Color Stay in Blackest Black, L'oreal Carbon Black, Wet n' Wild in 861 (black), 863 (green) and 864 (purple).

I've been using L'oreal for the longest time, it's the one that looks a little wet. The other two black liner is really matte. For the price, Wet n' Wild liners are really good. I will definitely purchase them again. For the price, I don't think I'll get the Revlon again. It's a good liner but I like the wet/glossy look of L'oreal more and if I want a matte liner the Wet n' Wild works great!

I do have monolids and for those of you that have monolids you know how hard it is to find an eye liner that doesn't smudge. With the other eye liners I have tried, every time I smile or laugh, my eye liner from the top lid will transfer to the bottom and vice a versa. But the L'oreal pretty much stay put. Sometimes if I'm going out I might have to retouch.

**Edit (7/5/09):

I wanted to include other Victoria's secret items I got from the sale a couple of months ago.

Da ta: On the right is Lose Control and on the left is Vice.
As you can see Lose Control have golden glitters on it (enlarge it, you will see the glitters). It is really glittery I wouln't use it for a day look. As for Vice, it's just a matte bluish purple color. The color payoff is not bad. I would buy these again. =) Thanks to my brother's diesel SLR. On my computer, theses colors are pretty close to the real thing!
Okay that's all!


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