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Saturday, July 11, 2009

MAC: Hello Kitty update!

Hello everyone!!

Ever since Mac came out with the Hello Kitty Collection I've been looking all over for it. I wasn't that into makeup when it came out so I DIDN'T KNOW! =( any who, I already have a couple of things from that collections but I was able to find a few more! I'm still looking for the Tippy blush. It's so sad no one have it anymore. In June Purzepurse had a giveaway. I thought maybe, just maybe I would win. haha of course I didn't but it's ok.

Here are the swatches.

This is the Hello Kitty: Lucky Tom quad. Isn't it cute? the whole packaging is metal. All the colors looks really good on except the purple one. It's not pigmented at all! Maybe I'm not applying it correctly?

Here's Sweet Strawberry. I didn't really know which lipglass I wanted to get. I basically ask every Mac counter I know of if they have anymore Hello Kitty stuff. At the Macy's in BK they only had the Sweet Strawberry one. I tried it on and I loved it !

I bought Popster first and I really liked it. Than everyone was talking about Pink Fish! I'm like, "shoot, did I totally get the wrong color?" I jumped to the chance to get this when it was available. I got it and love it ..haha I used it straight for weeks and then thought what happens when I'm done with it?? must find another one.