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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Urban Decay: Foreshadow Palette Review.

Let's see. 30% off? Friends and Family?! Hello, I'm there. You know you will eventually get them anyways. Why not get it when it's on sale?

This was on sale for $13.99 plus I got the 30 % off

~Oil Slick~Stray Dog~Midnight Cowboy~Flipside
Also comes with a brush

Packaging: (Boo. I forgot to take a photo of the front cover ) It's purple and silver. If you know their Deluxe Shadow Box, it's the same exactly packaging except smaller. Not too crazy about the car board. I got some eyeshadow on the sides and it won't come off!

The brush: It's definately more on the stiff side but it's not scratchy or anything. It actually pack on the color pretty well.

Color description:

Oil Slick: It's black shadow with silver glitters, call me crazy but I think I see a hint of purple glitters. It's not too glittery so you can use it on an everyday basis.

Stray Dog: OoOo I L.O.V. this color it's taupy-ish and it's super soft. I use this all over the lid and use Oil Slick on the outter corners.

Midnight Cowboy: Ehh, this I don't like too much. It's way too glittery. It's definatly more glittery then Oil Slick. Too glittery to wear everyday.

Flipside: It's definately not GREEN green it's more turquisish. It's a nice satin color.

What do I actually use?

As mentioned before, I just use Stray Dog all over the lid and use Oil Slick on the outer corners. I've done this look a few times. Quick and easy.

That's all I have to say. These are my first Urban Decay eyeshadows I'm not too crazy about it but I'm not disappointed either. It's a good buy if you took advantage of the Friends and Family.

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  1. Hello there! Yes almost all of them are available, the ones that are not are labeled either SOLD or PENDING. Let me know if you want anything e-mail me at :)