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Saturday, December 19, 2009

MAC/Shu Uemura/Bobbi Brown Haul

Wow.. this post was actually drafted in June! OMG .... Blogging is not easy man. I actually prefer reading posts. Mainly because I feel like I'm talking to me, myself and Mandy (haha)

Anyways, you might recognize the packing on these. The left one is from the Style Warrior collection, e/s in "Vibrant Grape" and the one on the right is from the Neo Sci Fi Collection, e/s in " Expensive Pink".

I almost never buy stuff when the collection comes out bc I'm way too cheap to pay full price. Vibrant Grape was a present from a friend ( thanks Ashley ! ) and I bought Expensive Pink in my CCO.

Oh yes and this is my first Bobbi Brown e/s in "Mint" it's a nice pale green color. I always thought green looks great on Asain eyes... hmm but I guess I was wrong..,. bc this green looked yucky on me! blah.. who wanna swap for this?

My first Shu Uemura e/s in Blue 660. haha how original it's just called Blue. Very pretty blue might I add with teeny tiny gold-ish specks. Very pigmented and the staying power is amazing!
Swatches! Blue, Mink, Vibrant Grape and Expensive Pink Until next time!

D&G : Goodness

I'm sure a lot of you know about! I referred some of my friends to the site and 3 of em' bought something! I get 25 bucks for each friend that buys something! yup yup I got $75 credit for the referrals!! I'm kinda broke so I've been looking for stuff on the site that is around the $75 - $100 range. So the max I would have to pay was $25. This charm bracelet was perfect. It really reminded me of Paris. I loved Paris. Who wants to go back?

They are actually individual charms so I can take em' off and hang it on other pieces I have.
BOOO, I didn't realized the clasp of the bracelet is cut off! it's the prettiest clasp it's heart shape with D&G embossed on it.