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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Birthday Celebration ( 2 months later ... )

Hello All, yes two months ago was my 28th ... no no 27th birthday. I must say I had a lot of fun.. felt really really special... No really I did.. Thanks to Eddie, Neil and Angie. It felt nice. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Don't move!

Now Eddie (the bf), Neil and Angie lives relatively close by each other so most of the time presents were given at home. So naturally I didn't think I would get my presents that night. Ohh boi.. did I get presents that night...

Yum O My first Red Velvet from Magnolia! the one by Lincoln Center. We also watched Avatar 3-D that night.

Earlier that night we wanted to dine at Yakitori Totto for my second time.. =( unfortunately I'll have to try a third time. The wait was too long and we had tickets for Avatar. Yes.. that thing on my head was necessary. It was really cold.
Went to Japas next door for dinner and opened my present!!
Haha .. yes me hugging the camera box! Eddie got me a DSLR! I was surprised... well sorta surprised. I knew it was a camera or a netbook. I would be happy with either.

you see that SMILE?? It's because Neil and Angie got me a netbook!! Yeah crazy right? totally had no idea, absolutely NO idea. I would show you their pictures but Neil told me please no. So sorry guys maybe later.
( I'm actually using it to blog now! ) <3>

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