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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Anna's wedding March 13 2010

Ahh another couple tied the knot! Congratulation to Anna and Danny. They wed on March 13, 2010.
Yup, the windiest day I've ever seen in my life. My friend Pat posted on his FB that he thought he saw Dorothy fly by! Good thing the wedding was in Brooklyn so it was a relatively close drive for me. But I tell ya, it was quite exciting... a traffic light fell that caused sparked electric wire. This Huge spool -ly thing was rolling in the middle of the street, garbage cans you name it. Enough on the weather. It was basically liquid sunshine! So it was all good.

I didn't know a lot of her friends and she was so sweet to sit me next to her cousins ( I know one cousin) but I was the only non family.

She had three different favors.
1. playing cards.

2. Jar of sweetness

3. how appropriate! lip gloss! I love this one

Ohh let me just say. Her cake was the cutest thing ever!! Mario brother wedding cake!

~ FOTD ~

Michael and I

Eddie and I

Me ~ Anna ~ Eddie

I did a little vlog on what I was wearing ( on my Face! of course )
I didn't mention this in the video but my dress and necklace was from Ann Taylor.

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  1. Hi there :)

    All of you look very dazzling @ the wedding. I especially love how you did your hair! and all the accessories you had on :D SO pretty! Your makeup was beautifully displayed :)