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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thoughts on Viva Glam Gaga and review on Relvon's New lippies

Hello hello, just a quick review on what I thought of the Viva Glam Gaga and Relvon's new lippies.
if you prefer to watching the review rather then reading it. You can check out my review on YouTube.

Viva Glam Gaga

Here I have Pink Nouveau (left) and Gaga (right)
According to what I read, lady Gaga was basing her color on Pink Nouveau (correct me if I'm wrong). Pink Nouveau was her favorite color but she wanted more of a softer look? Her intentions was to get the same effect of Pink Nouveau when you layer the lady Gaga lippie.

In my opinion, no matter how many times you layer Gaga. You will not get Pink Nouveau's color. Pink Nouveau is way more intense and more opaque.

So here on the left is Gaga, where I swiped a couple of times and next to it is Pink Nouveau. As you can see Pink Nouveau is a deeper pink whereas Gaga is more of a baby pink. Both colors are lovely.

There are no cons in purchasing the Viva Glams lip products. Since all proceeds goes to MAC's AIDS charity.

Review on Revlon's new Lipsticks.
070 Soft Nude (left) 020 Baby Pink (right)
 The packaging is absolutely lovely.

Look at that! Revlon is engraved on to the product.

Okay, so on the far right you have Soft Nude and on the left of that it's Baby Pink.
The overall product is really good. There's no bad smell, the color is nice. Not too instense but you can still see the color. The only downside is what you see on the picture below.

I think this is actually a deal breaker for me. They are way too soft.The ones I own have an ugly mark on the product and inside the tube due to the product leaning to one side. I mean if these were like $1.99 then I can't really complain too much but they retail for $8.99 each. I would expect alittle more from Revlon.

Let's see overall I think it's a good product but I won't get it if it's not BOGO. If the marks on the tube doesn't bother you then I say go for it. There's this purplish color that looked really interesting. Does anyone have it? swatches?


  1. hey u=)
    i so wanna try those new revlon lipsticks but it sucks living in canada cuz we still don't have those out!

    yes i twitter:



  2. I finally got this the Soft Nude lipstick in a buy one get one free. None of the other colors interested me so I just got a Soft Nude back up. I really like this lipstick it goes on so nicely. I haven't got any dented lines on mine like you have...but I did see it on some of the testers I guess it happens when the weather is hot and if you put a lot of pressure on it...not sure.