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Sunday, January 2, 2011

I love my friends!!!

Happy New Year everyone! Is it really 2011?? Am I really 28??

I don't have a lot of friends.. but I sure do have the best ones!!

There were a few things I really really wanted.. It's not that I can't purchase them myself but sometimes it just means more when friends gets them for you.

Let's see, I wanted to make my own over the top cell phone cover for a while now. I used the prepackage items from Les Tai Tai. This is an UK company but they ships the U.S. They are known for their Model Mirrors... maybe I'll get them next time... but but  but .. there's sometime more exciting.. to the Deco Deluxe we go...

 I would recommend getting Epoxy ( also from LesTai Tai). I've tried cement glue before. That didn't work too well.

 This is an old case from Apple. The one that Apple gave all the Iphone 4 people free? Well this is the one I picked... BUT don't get this one.. The clear plastic get scratches really easily. 

Seriously ... 4 hours later.. I get this!!! Eh Eh.. Keep in mind I was also watching a movie.

It's awesome.. Ain't it??

Neil and Angie also got me the Lady Gaga Heart beats. This beautiful, I didn't get a chance to really test them out.. but I'm sure it's awesome.

Angie also got me some Guerlain goodies from Duty free.. I will post something up really soon!