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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rickshaw Dumbling Bar NYC ( on wheels )

Well just another Wednesday. As usually deciding what's for lunch is a pain.. but a coworker reminded me of the dumpling truck that's parked one block from the office .. ( Wednesday, downtown NYC )

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar Menu

Waffle Cart? My coworkers getting more food for lunch...Me? personally too cheap to pay $5 for a waffle ( a small one )
My lunch for today... the dumpling was 6 pc for $6 and the sesame noodle was $3.

The Verdict:
I personally don't think it's THAT great. My coworkers tells me it's awesome.. a little overrated for me. It's just steamed dumplings. Really not that special and the price is definitely not right. $1 per dumplings? nah I don't think so.
I will add the pick of the actual dumplings like a little bit.

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