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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sally Hanson Salon Effects Review in 350 - MIsbehaved

Last week Rite Aid had Sally Hanson on sale for buy 1 get one 50% off. So I finally shell out the $$ for these. I got one in Misbehaved and one in Flower Girl. I've seen the ones at Sephora but they are like $15!
Sally Hanson's are $ 9.79 + tax.

All the items you get in the box

You get 8 pieces in different sizes in each "inner packs". You get two sets of these.
Misbehaved is a really pretty metalic gold with what's like a "netted stocking" Yup like the ones you wear on your legs. I think that is why they call this print "misbehaved".
The first time applying this took a little longer then I expected. I think it took about 30 minutes? ( keep in mind I was also watching Cupcake Wars on the Food Chanel )
Application is pretty easy breazy...I think Sally Hanson is trying really hard to make these strips fit for most people. The smallest strips was actaually too small for even my pinky nail and the biggest strips are too big for even my thumb.

I was able to use only 6 strips to cover all my fingernails. You just have to be careful when you remove the excess and use the rest for another fingers. Of course this will only work if your nails are not too long. So I have 12 strips left for another manicure.
It claimed to last up to 10 days so I will come back to this post in 10 days and let you guys know.. yeah?
Edit: So these things STAYS on really well. I cleaned and wash dishes with them and it lasted a FULL 6 days. By the 7th the point finger and the thumb area was rubbing off a little bit. I can absolutely wear it for a few more day but honestly by that time I was just tired and done with the print. Over I love this product. I can wait from them to come out with more prints. I would have to say taking them off was not as easy as I thought. It took a lot of nail polish remover.

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  1. looks so pretty, can't wait to hear if it actually lasted!