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Thursday, April 26, 2012

At work bridal shower - April 19, 2012

Its crazy how fast life passes by. I was engaged and now I'm married!
A few days before my wedding my awesome coworkers threw me a shower!

For everyone that are miserable at their job... it's ok.. the right one will come..! it did for me. I love my job now and everyone is so nice.

I loved everything about my shower! we also had Prosecco. Which made my ears turn red. =)
Cupcakes and wedding gown topper!

Toppers on cupcakes too.

 My boss, Catherine put together this beautiful arangement.

They also gave me a card and gift cards!  

Cute Hello Kitty F21 earrings

That store amazes me.. How do they make a profit from selling earring for $1.50? These little earrings are soo cute!