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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Goods from the Philippines

Hello hello, A few weeks ago my husband went on a trip to the Philippine. He went because he wanted to increase his airline mileage to keep his status? So apparently a lot of people do this. They will take a plane ride and back to rack up on mileage. So he was there for a planned 2 days but I told his to stay a day longer when Sandy reached NYC.
His trip was not all about Eddie because I received goodies from it! Woo hoo
These items were purchased at the Robinson mall. First impression? The makeup looked cheap and a little tacky. The gold trim looks like the makeup I can buy at the dollar store. It was wrapped really nicely tho and I believe it's a decent brand in the Philippines. I haven't tried it out yet but I have a feeling it will be pigments but powdery. When I finally put my brush in it. I will update you.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Little Pie Company, New York, NY

Ohh my sweet sweet pie. 
I sorta have a date every Monday with a gal pal of mine. This particular Monday we went to the Little Pie Company here is their website.
I always have an open mind to food places because I believe all it takes it ONE good experience and I'll be hooked. I'm not a person that love and crave bake goods to begin with so I appreciates bakery/cafes with nice decorations and characters. This place was not cute at all. Just table and chairs. I would never give is a second thought if I walk pass the store but you know what you can't judge a book by it's cover? 

We ordered the sour cream apple pie

and the sour cream apple walnut pie 

My friend the one with the sweet tooth really enjoyed the pie for the most part. This was her second time so she willing came back here. As for me I will never have another reason to stop by here again. I wouldn't even bring a friend here for tea or coffee. It's just not a very nice atmosphere to me and the pie do not entice me.

Oh not to mention the price tag for the 5 inch pie! $ 8 !

Hand pull noodle and dumpling house, Brooklyn NY

My husband and I came here one weekend looking for just something to fill our bellies. We did not have a craving for anything specific so we texted a friend that lives close by the area for some suggestions. 
according to Yelp they are located at :
7201 18th Ave
(between 72nd St & 73rd St) 
BrooklynNY 11204
Neighborhood: Bensonhurst

(718) 232-6191

Our friends recommended the ( I think) combo 3. House Special Combo with beef, beef tripe, beef tendon, pork chop an egg. My husband and I are very boring people soooo it's always either beef or chicken non of that other parts.

I think I order the 17. Hand pulled noodle with dumplings  I remembered it to be really yummy. You get your carbs, veggie and a kind of meaty dumpling. Nothing I can ask for more for that price.

All in all Eddie and I were not disappointed that day. Our bellies were happy and dinner was cheap. This place is not a very pretty place ( extremely not pretty ) please do not take a date here... Come to think about it they didn't serve us water! we asked for it after our meal because we were so thirsty and they gave me a bottle of water.. this was AFTER we paid and he didn't tell us it would cost us anything.. but I felt that there was an awkward moment so we left an extra dollar on the table. 

I'm hungry now... and wish this place was closer to home. =(