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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hand pull noodle and dumpling house, Brooklyn NY

My husband and I came here one weekend looking for just something to fill our bellies. We did not have a craving for anything specific so we texted a friend that lives close by the area for some suggestions. 
according to Yelp they are located at :
7201 18th Ave
(between 72nd St & 73rd St) 
BrooklynNY 11204
Neighborhood: Bensonhurst

(718) 232-6191

Our friends recommended the ( I think) combo 3. House Special Combo with beef, beef tripe, beef tendon, pork chop an egg. My husband and I are very boring people soooo it's always either beef or chicken non of that other parts.

I think I order the 17. Hand pulled noodle with dumplings  I remembered it to be really yummy. You get your carbs, veggie and a kind of meaty dumpling. Nothing I can ask for more for that price.

All in all Eddie and I were not disappointed that day. Our bellies were happy and dinner was cheap. This place is not a very pretty place ( extremely not pretty ) please do not take a date here... Come to think about it they didn't serve us water! we asked for it after our meal because we were so thirsty and they gave me a bottle of water.. this was AFTER we paid and he didn't tell us it would cost us anything.. but I felt that there was an awkward moment so we left an extra dollar on the table. 

I'm hungry now... and wish this place was closer to home. =(

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