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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Little Pie Company, New York, NY

Ohh my sweet sweet pie. 
I sorta have a date every Monday with a gal pal of mine. This particular Monday we went to the Little Pie Company here is their website.
I always have an open mind to food places because I believe all it takes it ONE good experience and I'll be hooked. I'm not a person that love and crave bake goods to begin with so I appreciates bakery/cafes with nice decorations and characters. This place was not cute at all. Just table and chairs. I would never give is a second thought if I walk pass the store but you know what you can't judge a book by it's cover? 

We ordered the sour cream apple pie

and the sour cream apple walnut pie 

My friend the one with the sweet tooth really enjoyed the pie for the most part. This was her second time so she willing came back here. As for me I will never have another reason to stop by here again. I wouldn't even bring a friend here for tea or coffee. It's just not a very nice atmosphere to me and the pie do not entice me.

Oh not to mention the price tag for the 5 inch pie! $ 8 !

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