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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lunch date at Tony’s DiNapoli ( NYC ) - mini review

We headed to Tony’s DiNapoli this afternoon for lunch. The food was not bad. I've been craving Italian food for a few days now and was totally saving my stomach for this lunch since one of our vendors was taking us out. F R E E. Those are the best =D
If you haven't been here before you can stop by if you are visiting Time Square. The menu and the way it works is the same as Carmine's. It's basically  family style Italian food. The service was good we didn't have to wait long for our food and our water was always filled.
A few things I did notice is that portion are definitely smaller compared to Carmine's and I'm not a cook but my coworkers was positive that the broccoli in our pasta was FROZEN and then microwaved... They were pretty disappointed at that.
We of course order dessert. This honestly was my favorite part! I love me some ice cream and I suggested the sundae with brownie, fudge and fresh whipped cream. I don't care for the fudge or the fresh whipped cream but the ice cream and the brownie..... oh man... it was delicious!!
My coworkers really like the Strawberry shortcake dish but I think it was $16?? crazy.
Bottom Line: I think if you don't have a place to eat after a show this is not a bad place to be BUT if you are visiting NYC. I think Carmine will be a better choice.

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