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Monday, August 31, 2015

DIY shelf for Melisa and Doug puzzles Part I

 Hello mommies with toddlers and Melisa and Doug puzzles. My main man love his puzzles and he always attempts to store them vertically. You can imagine how that does not work out and I'm constantly fixing the puzzles and trying to account for all the pieces. 

I initially wanted to buy the Melissa & Doug Puzzle Storage Case $12.99 but later saw this version Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wire Puzzle Rack $19.99. 
After reading some reviews, some parents says it doesn't fit the puzzles correctly, i didn't see a point in spending that kinda of money to have "some puzzle not fitting right".

My friend sent me a link of a mom that use a FedEx boxes to make one! I thought I give it a try and see where it takes me. 

Main supply ! Large FedEx box!

Tool : Razor blade, Ruler, Market, maybe scissors too.

I noticed that one puzzle fits perfectly ( measurement wish ) into exactly half a Large box. Also made some marks and started to cut. Just a quick tip: don't expect each box to have the same measurements. I was confused for a little bit because the measurements didn't match up and I was going crazy. You will just have to find a middle line for each box. 

ta da! as you can see the BIGGER puzzle sticks out. I'm okay with this, I rather have this then having a big box with wastes space for the smaller puzzles. I don't know if you can tell since each end was sealed with it's original flap. I had to put a piece of cardboard in between teach 1/2 box so it's leveled.
Picture above no cardboard in between, I looks like it wants to topple over
Picture below with cardboard.

I just have to stick it together once I decide what color duck tape I want to use!
Stay tune for Part II! 

FYI : this project is totally doable with a toddler running around. You just to have to make sure you are doing it on a table AND retract your blade every time. There are no exception to this! You have to wash your hands? retract the blade even if it doesn't look like toddler can reach. 

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